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OHANA CK-50G Limited Edition Concert - Solid Wood: Cedar on Rosewood

$ 289.00 $ 459.00

OHANA  CK-50G  Limited Edition Concert  - Solid Wood:  Cedar on Rosewood

This model is going to have a special place in the hearts of our acoustic and classical guitar friends. It is perhaps one of the two most famous acoustic/classical guitar tone wood combinations known to mankind. This all solid wood instrument features a Cedar top and Rosewood back and sides. Guitarist and Uke musicians know this is a winning combination for aesthetics and acoustics as well.

The solid tight grained Cedar top is surrounded by a 4-ply binding. The outer edge is Mahogany followed inwards with ebony, abalone, and ebony. The three-ring rosette has abalone surrounded by ebony.  A very classy looking combination. The bridge and fret board are rosewood with the fretboard being bound with mahogany. The headstock is topped with rosewood and outer edges bound with mahogany to match the rest of the instrument’s bindings. To match the rosette, the same combination of ebony and abalone were used to detail the headstock. Pearl like dot markers are located in the usual places on the fret board and fretboard edge. The cedar neck is a smooth medium C-profile allowing one’s fingers to quickly navigate their way up and down the fretboard. The machines are open gear Grover’s and do not slip. There is rosewood and then there is rosewood. Take a peek at the photos. The craftsperson that assembled this instrument had to sneak into the high-end woodshed to abscond the blanks used here. This instrument is beautiful. The sides and back enjoy the same mahogany binding used on the front. You may have noticed that instruments that include top and bottom binding cost more. The one obvious reason is it cost more for materials and labor to produce. The second, and maybe not so obvious reason, is the bindings stiffen up the body (sound chamber). It is argued this helps on the projection side of the instrument’s voice. This Uke surely has all the details that fine instruments have, just not the high price.

When you play this Ukulele fasten your seatbelts. It’s powerful, has a loud-balanced tone. Bright treble, but not the razor sharp treble associated with Spruce tops. Chords are nothing short of magnificent and will make you smile. If you love playing those Hawaiian tunes that Israel brought to a level no others have, then this Uke is for you.   

The instrument offered in this listing is shown in the photos. Additional photos upon request.

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