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Magic Fluke Co. Soprano Banjo Model Hardwood Fretboard

$ 307.00 $ 372.00

Magic Fluke Co.  SOPRANO FIREFLY BANJO - Model M80M Serial No. 4929

Like all Magic Fluke instruments, this Banjo has a quality sonic distribution like no other 4-string in this price range.

The Firefly Banjo Ukulele, like a luminescent lightening bug, is great to have around the campfire, and attracts lots of attention. OK you’re a city folk. Start a campfire and you will be detained. For you, grab a park bench and folks will stop and listen. If your Starbucks coffee cup is coverless someone may even throw in some change. Yes, I did that! I just thought they were a struggling musician looking for some financial support.       Checkout a Firefly:                                                 

This marvelous hybrid combines the ease of playing the uke with the distinctive twang of a traditional banjo. Words alone cannot describe its voice.

This soprano has an 8" Renaissance Mylar head and Acousticon pot, factory tuned, and assembled for us by Remo (famous drum skin manufacturer) in California. The simple open back design is lightweight, requiring no tuning of the head. Action is easily adjustable with shim washers where the dowel stick meets the tailpiece.

 This Firefly comes standard with: Grover 2B tuners; maple and ebony bridge; and Nyltech strings. The maple neck comes standard with ivory colored tuners. We special ordered this one with a dark hardwood fretboard. On top of the lighter colored maple neck its quite a stunning.

The SOPRANO FIREFLY has a 14" scale, 14 frets. 

 This Magic Fluke Company instrument makes it easy to share your music with the world through a high quality instrument at an affordable price.


Scale length: 14”

Tuning: G-C-E-A or A-D-F#-B

Frets: 14

Fingerboard: Hardwood

Neck: Maple

Tuning Pegs: Grover

Strings: D’Addario

Shell: Thermoplastic fiber glass reinforced

Length: 21.25”

Width: 8”

Depth: 2.12”

Nut width: 1.4”

Weight: 16ounces

Gig Bag: TLK custom padded clamshell zippered. 

Manufactured: Sheffield MA 01257; USA

List Price: $372.00.

Cost Including USA shipping: $307.00


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