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Magic Fluke Co. Designer Tenor Scale "TIKI KING"

$ 382.00 $ 422.00

Magic Fluke Co.  Tenor Fluke - Model  M20 Designer Tiki King Special Order Limited

Serial No. 26684

The Fluke is a mainstay model in the Magic Fluke line. It comes standard with a high grade North American Birch top. We had the builder paint the image of a Tiki warrior on top of the Birch soundboard. Of the four major Tiki gods we like “Lono” the best. Lono was the god of music and peace. In his honor, every year there is a festival in Makahiki.  During this week-long festival, all unnecessary work is kapu (taboo). We liked the sound of that and are aggressively practicing kapu at Antonia Rose.   We nicknamed this Fluke the “Lono” (it’s legal to do so, we checked). We are considering starting a Tiki Fluke club that will even have a secret handshake. There’s even more, some Hawaiians believe that Captain James Cook was Lono returned. If only the Captain didn’t take that third trip back to Hawaii.

The Tenor (a reference to scale/size) is slightly larger than a concert sized Uke. For the techaffectionados (our word) the Tenor measures 17” between the nut and saddle as compared to a Concerts scale measurement of 15.5”.  The Tenor also comes with two more frets. It is reported that Tenors have more punch and depth than its smaller cousin. Some senior players may also find the larger size instrument a little easier to hold and finger the chords. For sure it has big shoulders and projects a clean sound. That is why we love North American Birch tops. Like all Magic Fluke instruments, it has a quality sonic distribution like no other 4-string in this price range. The acoustically-engineered thermoplastic with fiberglass reinforcement shell travels very well, can take a punch that will make wood bodies cry. Forget about playing at the beach or home humidity concerns. This Fluke not only has a great sound and phenomenal looks, it is also a street tough kid. 

The  ”Lono” is not for the faint-of-heart musician. It will draw admirers. Beware! Folks will need to touch it. When not being played, it stands on its end, making the Tiki warrior visible for all to see and worship.


Scale length: 17.0”

Tuning: G-C-E-A or D-G-E-A (high d)

Frets: 17

Fingerboard: Hardwood (gorgeous)  

Tuning Pegs: Grover (try finding Grover’s on a similar priced import)

Strings: D’Addario

Length: 24.25”

Width: 7.5”

Depth: 3.5”

Nut width: 1.45”

Weight: 18 ounces (w/out case)

Gig Bag: TLK custom padded clamshell zippered. Included with a spare set of strings.

Manufactured: Sheffield MA 01257; USA

Cost Including USA shipping: $382.00


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