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Magic Fluke Co. CONCERT FLUKE – MANGO Case, Strings, and Free Shipping On Vacation Closed Until July 24th

$ 237.00 $ 287.00

Magic Fluke Co. CONCERT FLUKE  –  Model M10 MANGO Colored Soundboard

Serial No. 26672

This Mango colored North American Birch top Fluke has a bright and clear sound with lots of punch. It features a rock Hard Maple neck with a Polycarbonate fret board. This was built for a player and studio musician.  We ordered this instrument optionless (our own word). It’s sound chamber, and after all this is what it is all about, is built with the exact same materials as the fanciest Flukes. It is stunning, just cost less. It comes with a protective case worthy of the finest sleeping bag, as all wonderful instruments should. OK maybe we exaggerated a bit on the case, but it’s very nice!

The price of this instrument will allow you to treat yourself musically well. There are no “imported” brands that come close to this Fluke in quality, sound, and what the sellers of the imported instruments never talk about: playability. This fluke is smooth.

Listen to a Fluke in action. Caution the video is a little risky. Maybe a lot risky.

Storage and Care instructions:

Storage and Environmental – Reasonable changes in temperature and humidity should not affect the instrument. Storage in a temperature/humidity-controlled environment is not necessary as long as extremes are avoided. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may fade some top finishes.  

Cleaning – Use damp cloth with mild soap if necessary. General-purpose guitar polishes and cleaners are compatible. Most tops are finished with a water borne lacquer, some printed tops are polyurethane. Necks are finished with a tinted, catalyzed nitrocellulose lacquer.  

Bottom line: It’s a player’s instrument, not temperamental. When cleaning and storing, anything short of the local car wash and refrigerator will be fine.

This part is beautiful.

We know where it was made, by whom and yes, if your favorite instrument someday becomes in need of repair, we have the phone number and address of it’s doctor. After all, no musician will ever consider their musical soulmate a throw away.


Sound Board: North American Birch colored in Mango.

Scale length: 15.5”

Tuning: G-C-E-A or D-C-E-A (high d) Please send us a video of a tune being played in the later tuning. It will be posted and who knows may go viral.

Frets: 15

Neck: Spruce

Fingerboard: Polycarbonate with fret markers at the 5th, 7th, & 12th frets.

Tuning Pegs: Grover

Strings: D’Addario

Length: 22.75”

Width: 7.5”

Depth: 3.5”

Nut width: 1.4”

Weight: 17 ounces

Gig Bag: TLK custom padded clamshell zippered. Included with a spare set of strings.

Manufactured: Sheffield MA 01257; USA

Cost Including USA shipping: $237.00



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