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Magic Fluke Co. CONCERT FLUKE – Model M10 Featuring Walnut Soundboard

$ 244.00 $ 275.00

Magic Fluke Co. CONCERT FLUKE – Model M10 Featuring a Walnut Soundboard

Serial No. 26675

This Fluke has a Walnut soundboard that projects an open sound with a little more note separation when strumming chords than we expected. The magic of a Walnut top! It features a hardwood neck with a Polycarbonate fret board. We ordered this instrument optionless (our own word) so it is very affordable. We wanted a great instrument for a player and studio musician.  The very first time you play this instrument you will put aside all the notions of not having gotten one of the best deals in the known universe.  It comes with a protective case that will shelter this beauty from your worst fears. When flying it is the perfect carry-on. There is extra room for cells phones, charges, tablets and other comforts that make travel nice. When not traveling it sits upright for all to see.

Made in the USA. There are no “imported” brands that come close to this made in the USA Fluke instrument. Great quality, sound, and what the sellers of the imported instruments never talk about: playability. Its smooth.

There are many YouTube videos featuring Magic Flukes. Check them out. Their voices are amazing.

We know where it was made, by whom and yes, if your favorite instrument someday becomes in need of repair, we have the phone number and address of it’s doctor. After all, no musician will ever consider their musical soulmate a throw away.


Scale length: 15.5”

Tuning: G-C-E-A

Frets: 15

Neck: Hardwood

Fingerboard: Polycarbonate with fret markers at the 5th, 7th, & 12th frets.

Tuning Pegs: Grover 2B

Strings: D’Addario

Length: 22.75”

Width: 7.5”

Depth: 3.5”

Nut width: 1.4”

Weight: 17ounces

Gig Bag: TLK custom padded clamshell zippered. Included with a spare set of strings.

Manufactured: Sheffield MA 01257; USA

Cost Including USA shipping: $244.00


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