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La Bella ML 450 Laud Strings

La Bella ML 450 Laud Strings

$ 11.90


  • The laud is a tenor-pitched member of the Spanish cittern family and is tuned one octave lower than the Bandurria. It is a large flat-backed pear-shaped instrument with origins tracing back to the 12th century when the Arabic influence left its musical mark on the Iberian Peninsula. Tuning: G#2 G#2, C#3 C#3, F#3 F#3, B3 B3, E4 E4, A4 A412-STRING SET * 6 COURSES
  • Plain Steel / Silver-Plated Wound
  • Loop-Ends

1. 012P - 012P, 

2. 017P - 017P

3. 021W - 021W

4. 027W - 027W

5. 033W - 033W

6. 042W - 042W

Price: $11.90 USD

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