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Almansa – USED - Slightly Classical Model 459 Solid Cedar Top, Ebony Reinforced Neck Concert Level

$ 1,450.00 $ 2,879.00

Almansa – USED - Slightly

Classical Model 459  Solid Cedar Top, Ebony Reinforced Neck

Concert Level

Manufactured: Almansa, Spain

Serial Number: 9FnBnT

Case: Hardshell

Top: Solid Cedar Top

Back: Solid Indian Rosewood

Sides: Solid Indian  Rosewood

Neck: Honduras Cedar with Ebony

Fingerboard: Ebony

Machine heads: Luxury Gold-plated

Construction Method: Spanish Heel

Previously owned: This instrument was purchased new from us. It was exchanged for an Almansa Model 459 Spruce top. There are some signs that it was previously owned. The photos did not capture this minimalist distractions. Nothing compared to, say, it was on display in a large music store, played, abused, and its to painful to go on. In fact, this beautiful instrument was never on display.

The price is incredible. We are very comfortable saying, this is the best value, all solid wood instrument on the market, anywhere. In addition, it has two more features: Almansa was the builder and it is offer for sale by Antonia Rose Fretted Instruments. Our reviews are outstanding.


The Spanish tradition in guitar luthiership is renowned worldwide. But nowadays many instruments with fancy fantasy names, made by more or less known manufactures are often disappointing. This is different with the Almansa guitars, named after the town at the border to Castilia-La Mancha where the company is based. First-class classical- and flamenco-guitars are still made following the traditional manufacturing procedures.  They also produce some of the finest Lutes and Bandurria’s available.

Instruments by modern makers at this level of perfection are few and far between.

All this providing a quality, that is amazing regardless the price. The Concert series model 459 features solid rosewood back and sides, deluxe tuning heads and master luthier workmanship and design, a solid Cedar top and an ebony fretboard. Looks and sounds great!  52mm nut and 650mm string length.  The neck is reinforced with an ebony strip instead of a truss rod. Compacter and lighter it conducts the strings vibration all across the instrument and allows the guitar to fully vibrate from the headstock to the bottom of the body. You can feel the guitar vibrate. The sound is rich, clear and extremely versatile.

This guitar was handmade in Spain by craftsman trained by the best of the best local master guitar craftsman. It has unusually good separation of voicing even when playing chordal passages. Balance is perfect with substantial power. Some say the solid Cedar top offers a more romantic voice when compared to a solid Spruce top. One of the most remarkable characteristics of the Almansa Concert series guitars is their superb sustain in virtually every register. This is a very desirable instrument for performance, studio recording and the serious student.

Please take a look at the photos. The 459’s headstock is gorgeous. There are details not found on the offerings of the more expensive “Big Name” Spanish manufacturers.  Included are high quality machine-heads. The Cedar neck is reinforced with Ebony. Again just like its higher priced professional level Spanish cousins. The Rosette is made of wood and after one look there is no doubt of its Spanish heritage. The tightness of the Cedar grain top speaks volumes of how this new instruments voice will continue to improve as it opens up. Almansa’s playability is superior. The bindings tastefully chosen.  The overall craftsmanship is outstanding.

This model pleasantly surprised us at Antonia Rose with it’s popularity. When we spoke to those at a recent recital where we brought a Model 459 and Model 461 to be evaluated, the musicians that played these instrument all said the same thing over and over. Superb craftsmanship, high quality of materials and most important the instruments voice and price. It’s no longer a surprise that these Concert models are popular. There is nothing else out there that compares quality, sound, playability and price.

Antonia Rose Fretted Instruments was proudly granted a USA Almansa Dealership. As the proprietor of Antonia Rose I made a commitment to the owners of Almansa Guitarras that I would offer both existing and potential Almansa customers stellar customer service. Small shop service and internet prices.

This is a high quality handcrafted instrument that will become you part of you.


Used Almansa Model 459 solid Cedar top with a hardshell case:

New List Price $2879.00

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