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Almansa Senorita Model 403 Spruce On Vacation: Closed Until July 24th

$ 389.99 $ 930.00

Almansa Senorita Model 403 Spruce

Scale: 636mm

Nut: 50mm

Alicante, Spain

Serial Number: xLBLqC


Top: Solid Spruce Top

Back: Laminated Mahogany

Sides: Laminated Mahogany

Neck: Mahogany

Finger-Board: Indian Rosewood

Machine heads: Nickel Plated

Construction Method: Spanish Heel


This is the perfect guitar for a child, senior or any musician who require a guitar that is smaller scaled than a full-size guitar.

Seasoned players can make an inferior guitar sound good. Beginner players will be demoralized by trying to learn on a poor quality guitar. An inferior guitar will not stay in tune and will have poor intonation across the fretboard. No matter how much budding musicians practice, newly learned songs will sound out-of-tune and these novice players will quickly become discouraged. A guitar that is the wrong size will cause new players to develop poor fingering techniques and can cause injury to the hands. Cheap and wrong-sized guitars will surely set-up new musicians for failure.

We offer music lessons to children and can share our experience to help choose the perfect-sized instrument for new players while keeping within a set budget.



The Almansa 403 model aesthetically stands first in line ahead of the less detailed 401 & 402 models. The fretboard, neck, back & sides are made from the same materials. The level of appointments such as the bindings and rosette are unique to each model. Unlike many other manufactures Almansa does not rely on Asian manufactures and inexpensive materials to build their entry and student models. Every Almansa instrument is made in Spain, utilizing the Spanish Heel construction method, by Almansa Luthiers, proudly displaying “Made in Spain” on the interior label.

Please take notice of the wonderful Rosewood tuning board as well as the very nicely appointed bindings.

This guitar presents itself nicely when it comes time for a recital or performing in front of friends and family.



Woods of the highest quality and the hands of expert Luthiers that distinguish and understand the art implicated in the creation of guitars make possible that these instruments obtain life themselves with very strong personalities.

Admirable quality of sound, balance, projection, and comfort are some of the characteristics that will make unique the experience of playing an Almansa Guitar.

The details and craftsmanship of this instrument is typical of all Almansa instrument. Outstanding! So many of the Asian guitars in this price range use tons of glue and lacquer to hold them together. They will never develop a voice and have very little if any trade-in value. The Almansa guitars are handbuilt in Spain with pride. Please look at the photos and compare them to instruments costing much more.

This is not a guitar mass produced in a third-world country, displayed in a big box store, played unsupervised, and sold as new with tons of rash. This is a new, high-quality instrument that can easily be traded up or passed along to another musician.

We will gladly offer and very generous trade-up value for all Almansa instruments purchased from Antonia Rose.


Whether you choose to purchase an instrument or not, the staff at Antonia Rose promises you a relaxed and stress free experience.

Antonia Rose Fretted Instruments was proudly granted a USA Almansa Distributorship. This can be verified by going to the Almansa website. As the proprietor of Antonia Rose, I made a commitment to the owners of Almansa Guitarras that I would offer both existing and potential Almansa customers stellar customer service: small-shop service and competitive internet prices.


Price: Almansa Senorita Model 403 Spruce top, including a full-size Gator GL Classic lightweight case. List $930.00

Discount (Amazing) with economical (2-9 day) shipping & insurance.

SALE $389.99


Antonia Rose Fretted Instruments will ship new, used, and vintage instruments inside the continental US only. Shipping includes sturdy packing for the guitar, case and is fully insured.

For Instruments picked up at Antonia Rose or shipped to a New Jersey address, New Jersey sales tax, 7.00% will be added. We do not collect sales tax on merchandise shipped to another state

For purchase inquiries, to request additional photos, or other questions, please contact us by calling 732-585-7205 or email us at info@Antonia-Rose.com


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