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Almansa Model 436 Featuring Laminated Indian Roswood Back and Sides, Solid German Spruce Top, and Ebony Reinforced Neck

$ 861.49 $ 1,150.00

NEW - Almansa Model 436 Featuring Laminated Indian Roswood Back and Sides, Solid German Spruce Top, and Ebony Reinforced Neck

Highest Conservatory Level Model available.

Including Gator GL-Classic EPS Polyfoam Lightweight Case

For reference this Almansa model 436 is equivalent to the Alhambra 5P. Both are manufactured at the same facility.

The Almansa model 436 is Almanasa’s Highest Level Conservatory model.

Most dealers do not stock this instrument due to its cost and limited availability. After your order is placed and having waited 4-12 weeks you will finally get to see your guitar.

Not at Antonia Rose FI. These photos are of the instrument we will be sending to some luck musician. We do not display any of our instruments that are for sale on the internet. It presently resides in a very environmentally, instrument friendly room.

Guitarras Almansa was founded in 1989, was named after a town at the boarder to Castilia-La Mancha where the company is based. First-class Classical, Flamenco, Lutes and Bandurrias are still made following the traditional manufacturing procedures in the part of the world that produces the finest fretted instruments.

Generation after generation the finest luthiers pass their knowledge onto the next generation of luthiers. The very best materials for fretted instrument construction comes from their legendary woodsheds.

This instrument was built in the in the town of Muro de Alcoy, South of Valencia, Spain

Serial No. QMNQQG

Neck:     Mahogany neck with unbound Ebony fingerboard

Bridge:  Rosewood

Top:     Solid German Spruce Top

Back & Sides:   Laminated Indian Rosewood 

Scale:     650mm scale length, width at nut 52mm.

Finish:    Clear gloss

Hardware:  Gold plated tuners with pearlscent buttons.

Case: Gator GL-Classic

The above list of ingredients provided by the builder is only the start.

Photos please.

The materials and craftsmanship are equivalent to Almansa’s professional lever instruments with the exception this beauty has laminated back and sides. Although it’s ebony reinforced neck brings with it an elevated cost, the results are very evident. It conducts the strings vibration across the instrument and allows the guitar to fully vibrate from the headstock to the bottom of its body. You can feel the guitar vibrate. The sound is rich, clear, and extremely versatile.

This alluring guitar has very nicely grained Indian Rosewood back and sides. The neck and body were joined utilizing the devoutly wished-for traditional Spanish Heel method. The rosewood capped headstock accentuates detailed gold plated tuners with white pearlscent buttons. The solid German Spruce top projects (this is what a Spruce top is all about) maximum sound, every note separated, with even tone in every position. You will encounter a very comfortable mahogany neck with an Ebony fingerboard that measures 52mm at the nut. The rosewood bridge is gracefully detailed and very responsive to every string’s vibration projecting the guitars sound clearly. This traditional Spanish rosette is made up of three main fields. The outer and inner rings have ten black and crème plies.  The center field has a mosaic-tiled pattern. A tantalizing optical illusion.

The tonal personality of this instrument will please audiences, friends, and fellow musicians.  What else would you expect from a Spanish builder? After all, Almansa’s design and construction methods date back to 1867 when Torres developed the classical bracing and construction methods that has influenced the master luthiers of today.


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