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Almansa 457 Featuring Solid Canadian Cedar Top, Solid Rosewood Back & Sides, and an Ebony reinforced neck

$ 1,049.99 $ 1,249.99

Almansa 457 Featuring Solid Canadian Cedar Top, Solid Rosewood Back & Sides, and an Ebony reinforced neck.

For reference this Almansa model is equivalent to the Alhambra 7P. Both are manufactured at the same facility. All Almansa 450 series & Alhambra 7 series and above are crafted by a smaller, more experienced team at the Almansa/Alhambra factory.

A little about Almansa and Luthiers who design and construct their instruments. Almansa (est. 1989) and Alhambra (est. 1965) instruments are entirely made in the same facility, by the same craftsmen, and using the materials that come from the same woodsheds and suppliers. They are not outsourced in whole or part, like some of the big well-known guitar brands. One difference between Almansa and Alhambra: the headstock design and rosettes are unique to each brand. Also, one other very important difference. Alhambra dealers have restricted pricing guidelines. As an Almansa distributor, I am not. To you, this means I can price these instruments much more affordably.

This instrument was built by hand in the town of Muro de Alcoy, South of Valencia, Spain. It is Almansa’s least expensive solid rosewood model and features a full professional size body.


Serial No. BDbBsS

Nick to Body Joint:  Spanish Heel

Body: Professional Performance Full Size. 106mm at base, 100mm at shoulder.

Neck:     Ebony reinforced Mahogany neck with unbound Ebony fingerboard

Bridge:  Rosewood

Top:     Solid Canadian Cedar Top  THIS TOP IS EXCEPTIONAL

Back & Sides:   Solid Indian Rosewood 

Scale:     650mm scale length, width at nut 50mm.

Finish:    Clear gloss

Hardware:  Luxury Gold plated tuners with pearlscent buttons.

Case:       Gator GL-Classic

The above list of materials provided by the builder is only the start. This alluring guitar has very nicely grained book matched solid Indian Rosewood back and sides. The rosewood capped headstock accentuates detailed gold plated tuners with white pearlscent buttons. The most important piece of wood on a guitar is its top. Acoustically, this is the part of the guitar that produces the sound. A solid top guitar will improve as it is played because the wood learns to vibrate at the correct frequencies. A solid top guitars voice will improve with playing time. This instrument features a tight-grained solid Canadian Cedar top. It produces a projected even tone in every position. Cedar is warmer, more direct, and has a more Spanish sound when compared to Spruce. The top on this guitar is exceptional. You will encounter a very comfortable Mahogany neck with an Ebony fingerboard that measures 52mm at the nut. Elegantly detailed multi-ply bindings. The wood Rosette tells everyone this instrument’s DNA can be traced back to 1867 when Torres developed the classical bracing and construction methods that has influenced the master luthiers of today. The neck is reinforced with an ebony strip instead of a steel truss rod. More costly, but compacter and lighter, it conducts the strings vibration all across the instrument and allows the guitar to fully vibrate from the headstock to the bottom of its body. You can feel the guitar vibrate. The sound is rich, clear, and extremely versatile.

Tonal evaluation: This instrument made as it is from some of the world’s most sought-after materials, and the highest level of attention to detail and construction perfection, sounds exactly as you would have thought it would sound.

 If you are seeking a guitar that categorically, unconditionally conveys the spirituality that one experiences while having an exalted acoustic experience, this guitar will provide you that moment of euphoria!

This guitar will command the immediate attention of everyone in the room, concert hall, or auditorium.  So become possessed by what is arguably one of the finest modern classical guitars available today.

Guitar aficionados applaud.

A few published words from Almansa 457 owners displaying their satisfaction.

From Classical Guitar World.

Almansa Spruce 457: You Won't Regret the Investment

I'd like to offer my take on the subject to anyone who may be looking for a classical guitar, and clearly hears the difference between the average guitar that sells new for up to a thousand dollars or so, and the next significant improvement, guitars which sell new, generally, for around 1500 dollars and up.

Obviously, there ain't no rules like that which are hard and fast, exceptions abound, but the general situation seems to be that you will get the largest increase in tone quality and craftsmanship by going from $1000 to $1500, generally speaking, than you will for a $500 increase in investment, at any other price point.
Before you buy, try a spanish-made guitar built on the traditional spanish heel. 
It seems to sustain better, and the tone is more complex, with more high frequency content. (in other words, more fun to play)
I'm known for going into a guitar store and playing every classical they have. The Almansa 457 cost me $1050 Canadian brand new, and I have found nothing close in terms of "bang for the buck". It sounds wonderful, loud and rich, with plenty of high frequency volume to match the mid and lower range. This seems to be where many classicals fall short; they have a somewhat muted high end response, and that ain't good, when you compare it with one that really rings out in the top end.
This guitar appears to be very solidly built and I am much more than pleased.

Canadian Customers comments.

The 457 was a pleasant surprise with a sleek neck improving the playability a lot considering my shorter fingers. It made all the difference for me and allowing me to extend my reach considering the full width nut. The tuners are quality, smooth and very positive with fine adjustment. Also very handsome in design. I could go on, but the reality is this - a great value for the money - yes. But this guitar just gives so much. She is very light, but solid, and so responsive to the fine touch of an accomplished player. From a vigorous attack, to a light touch, she just gives back with a quality of sound that makes more expensive guitars blush in embarrassment. When I watch the faces of the player as they explore the playability and test her with difficult passages says more to me than these words I write. They always take a good long look at the guitar when done, including the label inside. I won't be needing any more guitar than this one is the typical response. Truly a wonderful guitar for the money.

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