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About us

Perhaps you stumbled upon this site searching for something different or unique. Something to better help you connect to your music or help your music connect to the universe. 


Antonia Rose Fretted Instruments was created to be on the other side of the spectrum from the mega-chains. You will never find mass produced anything here.  

If music touches your soul, you will find value. 

Our instruments come from Spain and the United States.  This is where the finest Luthiers and wood sheds reside. Visionary curators started our chosen manufactures. Some over 100 years ago. Our instruments are exceptional, personal, and meant to endure. Just like the music and inspiration they create. 

As a musician, the music store I was looking for to help fulfill my musical journey I needed to create. I needed to create and nurture a place where other musicians could find what I could not. Instruments built by inspired craftsman with expressive character. Tonal excellence at a fair price. Instruments that would mirror the musician’s individual characteristics and ride with them to their best performances.   

Today Antonia Rose Fretted Instruments has a new look that reflects our pilgrimage to this day. We welcome musicians to share their music and thoughts with other musicians through all our social media platforms. 

Enjoy our new place. 

Antonia Rose