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The History and Tradition of our String Manufacturers

La Bella 

In 1913, my grandfather Olinto Mari and his brother Emilio Mari came to New York from Italy and started this company. They brought a family knowledge of string making that dates back to the 17th century, an incredible legacy that I am lucky to be part of. Today, I run the company with my son Eric and daughter Lorenza. Together we are carrying on the family traditions, offering our clients the dedication and excellence they expect and deserve. In addition, we are bringing the latest advancements of string manufacturing to the mix. La Bella offers you the widest range of music strings, from the most common to the most unusual, all of them created with the perfect blend of traditional methods and newest technologies. We only offer strings that will enhance the instruments’ sound production and the musician’s performance. No hype or gimmicks! I appreciate the opportunity to offer you our products and will always welcome any comments and special requests.”                                                                                                                     Richard Mari Cocco, Jr. CEO 


You can walk the circumference of the miniature town of Salle in about ten minutes. The D’Addario family toiled for many generations in this tiny village. It wasn’t until an earthquake in 1905 that they considered leaving. Salle had been severely handicapped by the natural disaster and many were fearful that they would not be able to rebuild their homes and town. It was at this time that brothers-in-law Rocco and Charles (or Carmine) D’Addario packed up their belongings and immigrated to Astoria, Queens, New York. Charles' father Giovanni, remained in Salle manufacturing the strings that Rocco and Charles would import in an effort to raise more capital for their politically- and financially- challenged hometown. 

Charles and Rocco found Astoria offered them what little comfort was available for their homesick hearts. They were surrounded by many other Sallese immigrants who had left the same town with similar hopes and dreams. They brought with them the foods and customs of Salle and the string making tradition that would ultimately find a home in the United States as well. Charles would soon be without the company of Rocco, however, who grew too homesick for Salle to remain in the States. When the two returned home for a visit, Charles would return with a wife, but without his business partner. 

Charles enjoyed his new home more and more, and as his family grew, so did his business. In 1918, Charles would begin manufacturing his strings stateside in a tiny garage shop behind the family home on 14th Street in Astoria. As this was a family business, most of its members learned the trade and worked in the shop, completing whatever tasks were needed. Even the children were recruited to help during busy periods, doing such chores as labeling, packaging and sorting the strings. Charles personally marketed his strings to violin makers and musicians, never hesitating to travel to make demonstrations. He was obsessed with the quality of his product and often sought the advice and opinions of the great musicians of the time.      

Medina Artigas

Since 1972 Medina Artigas has devoted itself to the manufacture of musical strings. Over the years, the prestige gained by this family of musicians, is due to the production of the highest quality strings by using new combinations of materials and innovative designs.

Following the tradition and thanks to its continuing research and improvements in technology, Medina Artigas has today become an expansive string output including the most extensive variety of international instrument strings.

Creativity, knowledge, experience, and direct contact with the players are the principal characteristics of researchers of Medina Artigas, which let them, achieve their essential aim that is to satisfy the requirements of the most exigent performer.                           Sebastian Medina, President


If we currently do not have your La Bella, D’Addario, or Medina Artigas string selection in stock or shown as available, please contact us. At your request we will have your preferred selection available to you. We only stock a limited number of sets for each selection. This way, you are assured your strings are fresh and ready to join you in your best performances. 

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