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Spain has a long and rich history, and music is no small part of it. Flamenco is a folk art and culture from Spain. It is particular to the province of Audalusia in Spain. Historically, it has always been the musical outlet of the poor and oppressed. It is passed on by oral tradition which the individual artist uses as the basis for his own variations. 

Flamenco is a tripartite art, involving singing, dance and the guitar simultaneously – as well as rhythmic punctuation (by hand-claps and other methods) that is considered an art form. There are hundreds of different types of pieces within flamenco. They are defined by melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic structures, each has a characteristic mood. 

The modern flamenco guitar is considered first cousin the classical guitar. They have common ancestry and are handbuilt by essentially the same methods. The Flamenco guitar is made of lighter woods, ideally cypress, resulting in an overall lighter and more progressive sound. 

Guitarras Almansa was founded in 1989. Named after a town at the boarder to Castilia-La Mancha where the company is based. A group of craftsman came together set up in a shop to build traditional instruments by the finest craftsman available. First-class Classical, Flamenco, Lutes and Bandurrias are still made following the traditional manufacturing procedures by craftsman trained in a part of the world that produces the finest luthers generation after generation. All this providing a quality that is amazing regardless of the price. 

Antonia Rose Fretted Instruments was proudly granted a USA Almansa Distributorship.  As the proprietor of Antonia Rose Fretted Instruments I made a commitment to the owners of Almansa Guitars that I would offer both existing and potential Almansa customers stellar customer service.