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Classical Guitars

A little about Almansa and those who design and construct their instruments.

Guitarras Almansa was founded in 1989, was named after a town at the boarder to Castilia-La Mancha where the company is based. First-class Classical, Flamenco, Lutes and Bandurrias are still made following the traditional manufacturing procedures in the part of the world that produces the finest luthiers’ generation after generation.

Jose Maria Vilaplana is the head luthier and one of the founding partners. He continues to also work as a luthier. His knowledge has been passed onto the current generation’s Luthiers.

Miguel Moreno specializes in historical performances. Part of this successful career as a performer has been making his own traditional folkloric instruments. His studies of sound engineering allow him to judge the improvements he was introducing to different instruments.

Javier Mengual joined the Company in 1972 when he was 16 years old! In 1988 he earned his way into the professional shops. His custom ordered guitars are used by professional musicians in performances all over the world. Since then he has shared his knowledge with the latest Luthier generation.

Jose Margarit joined in 1970. In 1995 he joined the professional workshop and has very limited signature guitars. He is in charge of teaching the new Luthier generation.

The list goes on. Generation after generation the finest luthiers pass their knowledge onto the next generation of luthiers. The very best materials available worldwide come from the Almansa woodsheds.

This instrument was built in the in the town of Muro de Alcoy, South of Valencia, Spain