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Who crafted your instrument? 


Almansa was founded in 1989, was named after a town at the boarder to Castilia-La Mancha where the company is based. A group of craftsmen joined together to set up a shop to build traditional instruments using the finest craftsmanship available. First-class Classical, Flamenco, Lutes and Bandurrias are still made following the traditional manufacturing procedures (by craftsmen trained) in the part of the world that produces the finest luthiers’ generation after generation. 

Jose Maria Vilaplana is the head luthier and one of the founding partners. Although he is deeply involved in maintaining the high quality of their instruments, he continues to also work as a luthier. His knowledge has been passed onto the current generation’s Luthiers. 

Miguel Moreno began his musical studies with his father. He specializes in historical performances with original instruments. Many of his recordings have received the most important awards provided by critics and specializing magazines. Part of this successful career as a performer has been making his own instruments, especially traditional folkloric instruments like the Vihuela and lute. This knowledge and spirit brought him to develop new inventions in order to look for the perfect sound. His studies of sound engineering allow him to judge the improvements he was introducing to different instruments. Joining with the makers of Almansa guitars allowed him the possibility to make such developments much faster, with more consistency and worldwide diffusion. 

Javier Mengual joined the Company in 1972 when he was 16 years old! He earned a higher degree in the different areas of the company. Sawmill (where every single piece is crafted), varnishing, sanding and polishing. In 1988 he earned his way into the professional shops. There, he apprenticed for Jose Maria Vilaplana and started to wholly construct the guitars at the Luthier level. Since then he has shared his knowledge with the latest Luthier’s generation. 

Jose Margarit joined in 1970.  In 1995 he joined the professional workshop and has very limited signature guitars. He is in charge of teaching the new Luthier generation.  

The list goes on. Generation after generation the finest luthiers pass their knowledge onto the next generation of luthiers. The very best materials available worldwide come from the Almansa woodsheds. 

Almansa Bandurrias purchased from Antonia Rose are used by a recording artist in California, Filipino band in Rahway NJ, Irish band in Ohio, club performer in NYC, and musicians from student to concert level all over the country  

Today there is nothing out there that can compete with the Almansa brand. In the USA finding a new, high quality Bandurria is challenging, if not impossible. 

Invest in your musical-self with an instrument that will define your sound and become a faithful partner through your musical journey. 

Antonia Rose Fretted Instruments was proudly granted a USA Almansa distributorship.  As the proprietor of Antonia Rose Fretted Instruments I made a commitment to the owners of Almansa Guitars that I would offer both existing and potential Almansa customers only stellar customer service. If you go to the Almansa website you will see Antonia Rose Fretted Instruments listed as their USA distributor. 



Alhambra History: 

On June 14, 1965, the company “Manufacturas Alhambra, S.A.” was established, the founding partners being Rafael Insa Satorre, José Botella Miró, José Botella Valls, Jesús Cuesta Suárez, José María Vilaplana Vilaplana and Ricardo Llorens Bonhome. 

Throughout the intervening years and to this day, Alhambra has continued to make inroads into the domestic and international markets for stringed musical instruments, and has made a constant effort to improve and excel in their chosen field. Their most accomplished luthier was its principal constructor. An experienced Bandurria musician knows new high quality handmade instruments are very difficult to find. Especially for a price that offers an exceptional value.  

Since its inception, Alhambra has continually made stringed instruments with the traditional Spanish heel, always using only the finest wood. 

Alhambra Instruments are chosen by professional musicians all over the world.